Retro Wash


When it comes to the general cleaning of your delicate and vintage fabrics, regular laundry detergents can really take their toll. Great care needs to be taken to assure they have a long life and keep looking their best! We have developed an eco-friendly laundry detergent to safely wash vintage quilts and delicates, as well as all your regular laundry. It is safe for all standard and HE machines and now (by popular demand) comes in a (1) lb. and a (3) lb. bag.

Retro Wash laundry powder is the solution for the cleaning of all your delicate, vintage and everyday use textiles (quilts, linens, clothing, lace, etc.) safely and effectively. It’s gentle cleansing action is tough on dirt & odors and performs exceptionally well on all fabrics (including cottons, silks and wools) leaving them fresh and clean.

Retro Wash contains…
• No dyes
• No phosphates
• No optical brighteners
• No perfumes
and leaves no residue

Retro Wash is…
• non-toxic,
• hypo-allergenic
• biodegradable
• highly concentrated
(3 lbs. cleans 105 full loads in a standard or high efficiency machine)

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  1. Mary Kay Welu says:

    Just used Retro Clean and it was wonderful. I had two 65 year old baptsim dresses to whiten and now they look like new. Thanks for this product!

Retro Clean
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