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We were pleased to find this blog entry from Krista at Rocket Bottoms:

Rocket Bottoms Test Results for Washing Cloth Diapers with a combination of Retro Clean and Retro Wash / July 24, 2013

Last year I met with the owner of Retro Clean at Quilt Market quite by chance. We were walking the floor of the show and passed his booth. Intrigued by his display we stopped and started to chat. Turns out this was one of the best product finds ever!

Let me tell you a little bit about the product. Retro Clean was created to clean and restore vintage quilt fabrics. The product is very eco-friendly. It is a low suds powdered formula that is free from dye, fragrance, phosphates, brighteners and softeners. It is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is a two step product where you soak first with the Retro Clean then wash with the Retro Wash. The results are amazing. The product removes yellow age stains as well as mildew, wood oil, tea, coffee, blood, water damage, baby formula and perspiration stains etc. Seeing this I knew right away I had to try it on cloth diapers. I went home with samples of each product to give them a quick try.

My initial testing was a soak of our stash of diapers. I used a tote bucket in my bathtub for this process. I soaked the tote full of diapers for 24 hours in hot water with 3 tablespoons of the Retro Clean, agitating them slightly whenever I happened to think about. After the 24 hours I drained the tote, squeezed the excess water from the diapers and took them to the laundry room.

diapersI have a front loading HE washing and was thrilled to find that this product system works for my washer as well as regular and HE top loaders. I placed my diapers into the washer and added in 1 tablespoon of the Retro Wash to the machine. I ran a hot/cold wash on the diapers and followed this with my regular extra rinse cycle. The results were really incredible. The diapers were quite possibly squeaky clean. One of the first things I noticed was that there was absolutely zero scent to the load. The diapers smelled like water, no residual fragrance, nothing.

I knew right away that I was going to need more than a small sample pack because this product needed long term wash testing. I truly felt it was going to be the best product I had ever tried. In 7 years of cloth diapers I have tried every available detergent made for cloth diapering, even a few homemade recipes. I have never been as happy and satisfied with a product as I am with the products from Retro Clean.

After getting more product I set about doing long term testing. I have been using this product exclusively on my son’s diaper stash since last October. His diapers are the cleanest they have ever been, and they stay that way. I do not have to use bleach or anything extra any more on our diapers.

Over the course of my testing I found that I no longer needed to run 2-3 rinse cycles after the wash cycle. The diapers were clean after the initial wash.

With all the other detergents I had tried in the past, I ran into the same problem. They worked great for 30 days, then I started to have stinkies again. What I really like about Retro Clean is that I can use 1 tablespoon of the Retro Clean in my soak cycle once a week and that keeps build up from forming on my son’s diapers. I also found that running a full soak with the 3 tablespoons of Retro Clean once every 4-6 weeks also keeps the diapers build up free. I love that I use less water with our cloth diaper laundry now. Not only am I saving water, I also save time and am not a washing machine hog on diaper laundry days. This product is also great for the whole family and not just for diapers.

I had a customer who was having issues with yeast in her diapers. She had tried everything and nothing was working. I sent her samples of these products with instructions on how to use them. She was able to get the yeast cleared up and her diapers super clean. This is a product that I am happy and confident to recommend for use with cloth diaper laundry.

I will be carrying this product in my store, I am that pleased with the result of my extended testing.

Larry and Mindy thank you for allowing me the opportunity to test out your fabulous product!!

♥ Krista   
   Rocket Bottoms                                                                             

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