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Archival Tissue

Retro Clean ‘Archival Tissue’ is a high-quality, museum grade paper suited for interleaving prints and photos or wrapping quilts, gowns, linens, and other historic textile items. Buffered tissue is best suited for use with fabrics made from plant fibers, such as cotton or linen, for added protection. It is acid and lignin-free, and thin for easy folding, padding or crumpling without hard edges. It can also help prevent acid migration, scuffing, breaking, and color transfer. Use shredded archival tissue to cushion ornaments and other breakables. Un-buffered tissue is best suited for use with fabrics made from protein based fibers such as silk or wool. The package comes with (12) generous 24”x36” tissues.

Vacuum Screens

Retro Clean ‘Fabric Vacuum Screens’ are the ideal cleaning solution for quilts, needlepoint, tapestries, clothing, etc. It’s an effective way to clean instead of washing to remove dust and surface dirt. It will prolong the life of your textiles. Simply lay the 18” screen over your project and vacuum (preferably with an upholstery attachment on your vacuum).

Heirloom Storage Bag Pattern

heirloombags_400Our Retro Clean ‘Heirloom Storage Bags’ pattern is a perfect storage solution for protecting and documenting your fabric projects and heirlooms. The pattern has instructions for 4 sizes of bags, which feature a large pocket on the front for documentation. The bags help deter yellowing, fading and many other environmental hazards that can impact the original beauty of your prized possession. They also help to raise the awareness of the significance of the piece when used to pass an heirloom on to it’s next owner. Incorporate materials from your quilt project into the bag and it will be a wonderful source for repairs decades from now.


Lectures: Textile Care and Preservation

This lecture/discussion is perfect for classes and quilt guilds. The information presented addresses the best practices for the proper care, washing, storage and display of textile projects to ensure their well-being for generations to come. We also cover advanced cleaning techniques for projects that weren’t so fortunate.

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