Several customers have posted photos of their Retro Clean experience on Flicker. Here are some of their success stories in a mix of before and after photos, images of textiles soaking, and satisfied customers showing off their revived treasures! We look forward to hearing your success stories and adding your before and after photos to our slideshow!

I purchased “Retro Clean” from you a couple of months ago and finally got around to trying it this weekend. I took a vintage Barbie dress that there was no hope for and soaked it for two days (in the sunshine) in a mason jar. I swear the dress looks brand new. There was a huge ugly brown spot on the front that I tried to get off with one of those Tide pens and it was stretching the chiffon so I stopped, it is now GONE. The top part of the dress was metallic green and I thought it would ruin it but it didn’t. I’m just amazed! This is awesome stuff! Thanks! Jenny

This stuff is wonderful! I revived items that anyone else would have trashed!! I sell antiques & collectibles. I reference your product if I sell any linens or Barbie clothes (say they were brought back to life with your product). Thank you so much, Melissa

Hi, Just wanted to let you know what a great product this is! I recently found an old crocheted dresser scarf & lace (never completed) while going through some old items from my husband’s mom. I decided to finish hemming it and add the lace, since it was quite old. I knew it would need a washing. I thought it was supposed to be a brownish beige fabric as well as the lace. When I soaked it in the Retro Clean along with some other older tablecloths, I found it was a light cream and so was the lace!! The colors are beautiful. I’ll enjoy it for years to come. Thank you for offering this great product! The tablecloths turned out gorgeous and believe me, one was really stained!! Thanks again, Collettins

Dear Melinda, Maybe you would like to use this as a testimonial for your linen wash. I had my doubts that this would clean my grandmother’s pillowcases. One set was very yellow from sitting so long. I had even bleached them and still grungy looking. I was so AMAZED that this cleaner actually worked. It says to let them sit a couple days in the solution and that it works better if used in the sunlight. I let the pillowcases set overnight in the dark laundry room. They are sparkling clean. Thank you for such a great product, vjrnj.

Dear treasureup, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am I bought this product. It has worked wonders on some Barbie clothes that were dingy with age. I bought a wedding dress recently on Ebay for $.99, it looked terrible but I decided to take the chance since it was so low. Not only was it yellow with age but it had a big stain on the front. Retro Clean took care of both. Now it’s worth 10 times what I payed for it – and it looks great on Barbie again. Thanks very much, Mary

I just had to thank you for Retro Clean. It is miracle stuff. I have “rescued” two vintage quilts so far. One was so brown you could almost not see any colors in it, and now it’s white and the colors are bright. When my supply gets a little lower, I’ll be buying it again. Thanks again, Stephanie.

Hi , I purchased this fabulous product from you a few month’s ago, and finally got around to trying it. I just wanted to let you know that I am totally impressed! This product removed the discoloration and brightened up my vintage clothing. I will be back for more. Best Regards, Diane

Dear treasureup, Actually this is a comment on Retro Clean. The first time I used it inside because it was cloudy and I wanted to try it right away. Worked great but I still wanted the quilt brighter, so when the sun came out I used it again in the sun as suggested and a quilt that everyone thought was worthless is now gorgeous and everyone comments on how bright it is for how old it is. Thank you so very much for a wonderful product. Glad I bought 2 bags. Will definitely buy more when that runs out! One of those too good to believe is true, but IT IS TRUE. Fantastic! Just can’t say enough as you can tell. Naomi

Hi! I just wanted you to know that I just bought 2 more packages of Retro Clean. IT IS AN INCREDIBLE PRODUCT! I buy lots of vintage barkcloth & not only did the colors stay true… but it took old tobacco colored backgrounds & turned them dazzling white!!! I have been thrilled several times over with this product’s performance! I’d be lost without my Retro Clean!!! Thank You, Jill

Melinda, Well I’m now ready to make a testimonial! My latest obsession as a doll collector is to replace the Barbie & Ken wardrobes I once owned and foolishly gave away as I cleaned out my room before going off to college. I played with Barbies 1959 thru 1962. If you’ve had any reason to pay attention to vintage Barbie & Ken clothes, you’ll know the prices are very high for near mint condition items. I’ve been buying up the clothes that need a snap replaced, seam repaired or just plain showing their age. Your Retro Clean was my last attempt to save a number of items that were very yellowed and even had a few brown stains (tried OxyClean and bleach on a few items). Into my bucket went a number of Ken shirts, Barbie items and a Vogue Ginny dress that I’ve had since 1955. Having just hand washed and set out to dry all my doll clothes, I had to tell you how pleased I am. The Ginny dress is back to the lovely white eyelet I remember – it had been a yucky shade of brown. And one of the Ken shirts has turned out to be lemon yellow (I couldn’t tell it apart from the yellowed with age shirts before!) and all the rest are sparkling white whether knit or woven. Great stuff! My only fear now is that the seller’s of vintage doll clothes will find you too – and there will go all my bargain prices. LOL. Thanks, Jan

Just used Retro Clean and it was wonderful. I had two 65 year old baptsim dresses to whiten and now they look like new. Thanks for this product!
Mary Kay Welu

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