Retro Clean

Retro Clean is a gentle soaking agent designed to safely remove yellow age stains (including mildew, wood oil, tea, coffee, blood, water damage, baby formula and perspiration stains) from vintage quilts and all washable fabrics.

Have you ever seen vintage textiles with those brown or yellow age stains that just ruined the pristine look of what otherwise would be a real prize? Washing doesn’t seem to have any effect and they either end up in the bottom of a box in the garage or maybe even the trash. Well, I’ve been washing vintage quilts and textiles for decades and I’ve found a solution to this age old dilemma. Whether you are trying to remove mildew stains from linens, remove wood oil stains from vintage laces and quilts, remove tea/coffee stains from tablecloths or remove perspiration stains from vintage clothing, Retro Clean will renew your treasured heirlooms to their original color and vitality.

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One Soak and it’s History!

…and introducing Retro Wash

When it comes to the general cleaning of your delicate and vintage fabrics, regular laundry detergents can really take their toll. Great care needs to be taken to assure they have a long life and keep looking their best! We have developed an eco-friendly laundry powder to safely wash vintage quilts, as well as all delicate washables  read more…

Great for Washing Cloth Diapers!

…With all the other detergents I had tried in the past, I ran into the same problem. They worked great for 30 days, then I started to have stinkies again. What I really like about Retro Clean is that I can use 1 tablespoon of the Retro Clean in my soak cycle once a week and that keeps build up from forming on my son’s diapers. I also found that running a full soak with the 3 tablespoons of Retro Clean once every 4-6 weeks also keeps the diapers build up free…
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